How to Heal After Falling in Love With the Wrong Person

She took my breath away, but toxic love is still toxic.

Photo by Marie S on Unsplash
  • Make a joke
  • Be cool, be confident
  • Don’t let everyone find out I’m a socially inept weirdo
  1. You’re better off without each other
  2. You have a hard time leaving because you’re addicted to them, not because they’re right for you
  3. You can still love them from a distance
  4. You can’t change them
  5. You’ll likely never understand what went wrong
  6. You will love again
  7. Be grateful for all that they taught you
  8. You won’t love someone else exactly the same, but that’s a good thing

Hey, we’re both tiny specks in a universe full of stars that happened to exist at the same time. Cool!