You can still have a good day without having a happy day.

“That voice, the one that tells you you’re worthless and stupid and ugly, it goes away right? It’s just like a dumb teenage girl thing, but then it goes away?”


Bojack Horseman, Season 4, in an exchange between the main character and his daughter.

When you came into…

Yet people respect me more when I pretend my wins are easy.

When a person’s self-esteem is so low that they never feel smart, talented, or pretty enough, they’re left with two options. They can either trudge through their life wallowing in doubt. Or, they can find something, anything, to grasp onto.

I held onto my work ethic. I’m not naturally intelligent…

Turns out I’m not perfect at that either.

I know that to you, internet stranger, I probably seem like a perfectly composed, robot-like, human. Maybe I even wake up at 5:00:00 am every morning to go through an alphabetically-categorized to-do list. Who knows? You certainly don’t. I could be perfect, head-to-toe.

But I’m not. I know, crazy, right…

This is the letter that I’ll never send to you

Twitter @/dewycheek

Hey you- I saw a half-opened jar of Nutella sitting on the counter today, a butter knife disorderly touching the counter and messing the surface. It reminded me of you- of my favorite day with you. Do you remember that day? It was forever ago. What a mess you made…

Psychology tells us to practice compassion instead.

My little brother spends nights pacing around my parents’ kitchen. He tries to hide his frustration, but he doesn’t stop pacing in circles. Something is eating him up inside.

“What’s wrong?”

“I wasn’t productive today, I need to stop being so lazy, I have no willpower.” Logically, I should suggest…

And you don’t have to be a slave to your emotions, either.

Having a mind is amazing. We experience beauty, highs, and the intensities of love.

Unfortunately, it can also suck. So much. We’re all stuck inside these sticky, sweating, bloody, human bodies. We live at the whims of its chemical reactions. Emotions go up and down. The only real certainty is…

But that just made it worse. Now, I influence emotions instead

I used to be so angry. It wasn’t fair! My friends, with normal functioning brains, lived easily. Taking a shower wasn’t a battle. Eating regularly was their normal.

They don’t need to get into a boxing ring with their mind every day.

Sure, my friends had their problems. But their…

I’m not perfect, but I’m making peace with it.

Most people think there are two options when it comes to liking yourself; either accept who you are or change who you are.

But neither of those options worked for me. For what felt like the thousandth day in a row, I’d peel myself out of bed to look in…

A Poem About Living

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

Before it’s over, I want watermelon juice down my chin
so the dribbles remind me, not just of liberation,
or of sun-soaked bliss,
but the pleasure in embarrassment

Before it ends, I want to hold every hand,
kiss every cheek, because I still can’t
get enough of you — I need…

Alessia Autumn

Hey, we’re both tiny specks in a universe full of stars that happened to exist at the same time. Cool!

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